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There is a undefinable, elusive and yet tangible, the most tangible of all things - the gravity of sacred curiosity and the desire to penetrate the Mystery itself. It is the gravity present at the bottom of each heart. It is the desire of life wanting to know and express itself in infinite ways, infinite configurations. It is the Mystery that wants to know Itself.

My intention is to directly address this Call. It is the call for constant transcendence of any limited viewpoint one after another, so that we can become more and more of an empty vessel, ready to be filled with the truth of our infinite Being that is one with the endlessness and vastness of the Universe. To look out there into the stars is also to look within, and to contemplate infinite fractal patterns is to unveil and rediscover our place in Existence as existence itself. We are at our core the unchanging Isness and we share this fundamental quality of being with all of Existence. Each of us is a fractal reflecting the same pattern present throughout the whole picture of infinity. The same pattern of being. We are mirroring this fundamental quality of being with all that IS. We are created on the image of God. I AM as all that IS. As above, so below. 

To look out there is to look within. To zoom in the fractal pattern is to simultaneously zoom out, as the pattern repeats itself over and over again infinitely so. 
To look at the dirt of our planet is also to study the past lives of the stars that gave birth to all of the minerals forming now the soil. 
When we reach beyond ourselves and open up to the mystery of eternity and endlessness of space, all that we will ever discover is only more of ourselves. 

The abstract forms are too a mirrors of ourselves. And what actually isn't abstract? What isn't an appearance of the mystery? The more we don't know what we see the more we can see. And the less familiarity, the less points of reference we can project onto the image, the more we can discover. The more we can uncover the parts of ourselves before hidden. Your very unique discovery made when you look at the composition is you reflecting to yourself more of yourself... The image alone doesn't do the reflecting. The composition of forms have absolutely no meaning apart of the flavor of your own creativity - your decision about what you see. 
You are as much as an artist as the one who created the piece of art. 
And when you enter the gallery, you enter the hall of mirrors.

galactic symbols

Galactic Symbols

Each emblem caries the frequency and vibration that when harmonized with - when you look at the symbol - will attune you to the collective consciousness of that particular extraterrestrial civilization you make contact with through its symbol. You can call that process a meditation. Just play with those symbols and see what will happen. Allow yourself to open up to this possibility of intuitive link and contact without any expectation, and let yourself feel whatever comes to you when you rest your gaze onto the symbol that draws you the most. No effort. No expectation. Just your present and awake yet relaxed awareness and receptivity. You will see that the more connected you are to yourself, the more tangible and real is the contact with other consciousnesses. That's why the key is your inner (and outer) comfort and ease. Give yourself the space and you will be able to explore the space. 
Those beings, those civilizations do exist right HERE even though relatively light years distant. You can access and tap into they energies, they presence and reality by shifting and slightly altering your focus and state of being, so that your energy is coming more close to they energy thus greater and greater resonance is present between you. 

Just play with those symbols and see what will happen.

They were given to us by a being called 'Bashar' via channeling in a session called "The Interstellar Enneagram" available on:
This is a small excerpt from that session: 

I am open to answer any question if you want to know more about the symbols. 

You can email me at:

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