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"Light and Dark are One"

It is light and blackness rather than the darkness in a negative sense.
The two hemispheres of the brain. Magnetic force and electric force. That which is masculine and that which is feminine. Life and death. Active and passive. 
The light can shine because of the darkness and the darkness can be distinguished by the presence of the light. Each polarity cannot be separate and stand on it's own, they both complement each other, and they both contain it's opposite.

It is my very brief interpretation of the main aspect of energy that this symbol caries for me. It can tell many other stories and act as a open gate for other revelations and insights.

It is the symbol given to us in the form of a crop circle at Stonehenge, nr Amesbury, Wiltshire, reported 8th July (ET disclosure day...). You can see the photos and read a short report here:…/s…/stonehenge2016a.html

In my own view, the crop circles phenomenon is a way in which we, as a collective are communicating to ourselves the messages from a higher, super conscious collective mind of humanity. It is a sign in itself that we start to evolve to a higher octaves of consciousness and start to waking up to a bigger picture, a greater reality. So, I see those symbols as a notes from, basically - ourselves. In another words, crop circles are a manifestation of our true collective will and desire. It may be that the extraterrestrial intelligence has to do with that a little, or maybe quite a lot, but anyway even if "they" are delivering the messages from them to us, it is possible only because of our collective readiness to decode and receive them. And, in my own intuition the ET's and they activity often act as a messengers that bring not so much the messages directly from them at this time - but the messages from us to us. We are "using" them as a voice to say the things that we want to say to ourselves. It is the whispering from the higher level of consciousness to our conscious selves.

The "decoding" of the messages may seem to be a little out of reach perhaps, or seem to be a rather "heady", intellectual job to accomplish. It is not the way to truly decode and to know and digest the message, in my view It is the other way around - the less we think what they try to convey to us, the more we can directly experience the insights that they are designed to bubble up to the surface and trigger in us. I'm not saying that we should completely abandon the rational, analytical though at all, but to use it too much is to miss the mark altogether. It is more about the total openness in every possible direction, it is about the exploration of alive mystery of life, of ourselves, it is the exploration of our being, it is the rediscovery of our greatness that has many, many levels. It is the journey of consciousness. It is the revelation of you. More and more.

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